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Recent publications

Prof. Dr. Holger Strutwolf, Director of the Institute for New Testament Textual Research — INTF gives updates about the Nestle-Aland 29 and UBS 6 at SBL in Denver.

ECM Acts published

We finished the Book of Acts! The Editio Critica Maior vol. III has been published summer 2017 by the German Bible Society.
ECM–Meeting in Wuppertal

From October 11th to 14th the ECM meeting 2016 took place in Wuppertal, Germany. Thirty participants from four countries discussed the state of work and planned the further advance of the project. The Editio Critica Maior (ECM) is the large edition of the New Testament initiated by the Institute for New Testament Textual Research (INTF). Since 2007 this project is funded by the Northrhine Westphalian Academy of Science and Arts as a long term project.

Burkitt Medal for Barbara Aland

The former director of the Institute for New Testament Textual Research (INTF) at Muenster University, Prof. Barbara Aland, got the Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies:
“The 2016 winner is: Professor Dr Dr h.c. Barbara Aland (University of Münster) for her significant contribution to New Testament textual research.” (British Academy).
The Burkitt Medal for Biblical Studies – named after its founder Prof. Francis Burkitt – is awarded by the British Academy since 1923 in recognition of special services of Hebrew Studies and New Testament Studies.
Prof. Barbara Aland has been director of the INTF, which was founded by her husband Kurt Aland, from 1983 to 2002 at the University of Muenster.

On 9/23/2016, 11:14, the Amsterdam Database of New Testament Conjectural Emendation was launched in the NTVMR

Photo: (from left to right) Holger Strutwolf, Klaus Wachtel, Jan Krans, Troy Griffitts.
The database which currently comprises 6,047 conjectures was produced by the research group New Testament Conjectural Emendation at the VU University Amsterdam. The researchers involved in this project are Jan Krans, Bert Jan Lietaert Peerbolte, Silvia Castelli and Bart Kamphuis.

In February 2016 the Editorial committee of the Nestle-Aland and the Greek New Testament met in Athens.
Photo: left (from rear to front) David Trobisch, Klaus Wachtel, Holger Strutwolf, Stephen Pisano; right (from rear to front) Christos Karakolis, Simon Crisp, Florian Voss. Photo made by Greg Paulson.
In the same time the International Conference for the New Testament Textual Criticism took place at Athens university. Committee members presented their papers to an international audience. Link

A lighthouse of Muenster University

Press release
Westfälische Nachrichten

21. April 2015

Ceremonial act in honour of Kurt Aland

10. April 2015

Bible museum receives 16th century bible

Press release

2. October 2013

Minister-President Hannelore Kraft visits the INTF

Press release

20 September 2013

Präses Annette Kurschus visits the INTF and the Bible Museum
Press release

13 September 2012

Nestle-Aland28 launched.

Presentation NA 28

Prof. Dr. Holger Strutwolf (center) together with the assistant editors Dr. Beate von Tschischwitz, Dr. Klaus Wachtel, Dr. Marie–Luise Lakmann, Luc Herren.
Press release

13 July 2011

Prof. Barbara Aland got Federal Cross of Merit

19 April 2011

A preliminary excerpt from the ECM apparatus was published here as a companion volume to the essay by G. Gäbel, “The Text of P127 (P.Oxy. 4968) and its Relationship with the Text of Codex Bezae,” published in Novum Testamentum 53, 2011, 107-152.

Continuation of the Kurzgefasste Liste

The addition to the manuscript list is available in PDF format. It can be reached by using the following link: Kurzgefaßte Liste der griechischen Handschriften des Neuen Testaments.

Editio Critica Maior: Addenda et Corrigenda

The “Addenda et Corrigenda” can be reached by using the following link:
Addenda et Corrigenda

The Coherence-Based Genealogical Method (CBGM) - Introductory Presentation by Gerd Mink

Download here (16 MB). Please pay attention to the readme file!

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